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Trip on yangmeikeng-film area of The Mermaid

Click:[1352] Publish Time:2018-04-24

Thank you for your untiring efforts and selfless dedication to the development of the company, enriching the amateur cultural life of the employees, and strengthening the team's cohesiveness to allow employees to relax , enhance communication and communication among employees, and promote the company's business. Cultural concept,we organized 2018 annual team tourism activities. The tourist place is Yangmeikeng, the shooting base of "The Mermaid."


Enjoy the beautiful and charming natural scenery, listen to the sound of the sea, feel the atmosphere of the sea breeze, indulge in the landscape, we forget the busy  work, enjoy the joy and pleasure of tourism. The company held a barbecue dinner and pary of staff birthday  at the tourist attractions that night, which fully demonstrated the company’s emphasis on the humanities concept.


This tourism activity has brought closer the distance between colleagues and made them more aware of each other, making the company more like a big family. This will give everyone a better understanding of the development of the company. Everyone will work hard in the direction of the company's uv led curing field. , full of confidence in the future work. Thanks to the company for providing this opportunity for everyone, so that everyone in the excitement set aside the tiredness of work and life, and try our best for the furture work.