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How to choose a suitable uvled light source for plastic film packaging printing

Click:[535] Publish Time:2021-11-20

At present, in the field of plastic film packaging and printing, there are two specific methods for using UV light curing, one is the traditional UV mercury lamp curing, and the other is the new uvled light source. Among them, the uvled light source is faster due to its curing speed. The advantages of fast, green and environmental protection have gradually replaced the traditional mercury lamp curing method, and the uvled light source has become the main curing method in the field of plastic film packaging and printing.

Why choose uvled light source for plastic film packaging printing?

First of all, everyone needs to grasp the characteristics of plastic film raw materials, which belong to heat-sensitive raw materials. Therefore, during curing, the accepted temperature should not be too high to avoid deformation of the surface of the plastic film raw materials due to high temperature and endanger product quality.

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As a typical high-pressure metal halide lamp, uv mercury lamp is a full-band ultraviolet curing lamp. During the operation process, it will cause infrared induction radiation source and emit a lot of heat, and the surface temperature of the irradiated raw material will rise to 70°C. , It is very unfavorable for the curing of some thermistor raw materials;

The uvled light source is a kind of cold light source curing machine equipment, which can send a single-band ultraviolet lamp source, without an infrared sensor radiation source, and the surface of the plastic film is not easily damaged. In addition to the advantages of the "cold light source", the uvled light source can also be equipped with a chiller heat rejection system, which can discharge the heat caused by the integrated ic of the LED as soon as possible to ensure the actual effect of the uvled curing machine and increase the service life of the uvled light source. At the same time, the color of the ink cured by uvled light source is bright and beautiful, which is beneficial to improve product quality.

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