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Height-LED UVLED curing machine is the first choice for bonding and curing medical devices

Click:[537] Publish Time:2021-12-21

Height-LED has been focusing on the UVLED curing process of the whole industry for 14 years, serving tens of thousands of enterprises, institutions and scientific research units, and has rich UVLED curing experience for different curing applications. For the medical device industry, Height-LED UVLED curing machine is not only limited to curing glue or paint, but also meets the standards of the medical industry.


The reasons why Height-LED UVLED curing machine is the first choice for bonding and curing medical equipment:


1. Height-LED UVLED curing machine can cure UV glue without solvent in a few seconds, which is an effective method for forming consistent and repetitive bonding in the assembly process of medical devices.


2. The UVLED curing dispensing equipment provided by Heitnaide can improve productivity and make it easier to automate.


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3. Height-LED UVLED curing machine has low power consumption, high energy and long service life. UVLED curing equipment has a service life of more than 20,000 hours, which saves 80% of the power consumption compared to traditional mercury lamps.


4. UVLED curing machine with specified wavelength and area can be customized according to customer needs. The equipment is small in size and easy to operate. The curing time and light intensity can be set by yourself.


5. For some temperature-sensitive medical devices, it is more important to choose a UVLED curing machine with good heat dissipation effect and low surface temperature.


If you also have medical equipment bonding and curing needs, you can contact us through online customer service, website message, call, email, etc. Height-LED will provide you with a satisfactory and suitable UVLED curing solution for your curing needs!