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Introduction of Height-LED UVLED Nitrogen-filled Vacuum Curing Furnace

Click:[514] Publish Time:2022-01-08

UVLED nitrogen-filled vacuum curing furnace is also called UVLED nitrogen curing furnace and UVLED dissolving machine. Its principle is to make the UVLED dissolving cabinet body reach an oxygen-free vacuum state through an external nitrogen conversion device, providing a clean curing environment.


Equipment features of UVLED nitrogen curing oven


1. The equipment has the curing function of nitrogen mode and non-nitrogen mode. Non-nitrogen mode: automatic or manual mode can be selected. In automatic mode, the UVLED switch is controlled by the access control sensor; in manual mode, the UVLED switch is controlled by the touch screen.


2. Nitrogen mode: After closing the door, click the start button to start nitrogen charging. When the charging time and internal cavity air pressure reach the set value, the UVLED starts to irradiate and time. When the irradiation time is up, the VLED is automatically closed and the exhaust valve is opened. Wait until the exhaust is completed The safety door can be opened behind.


3. The equipment supports the nitrogen filling interface, the nitrogen filling time and pressure are adjustable, the pressure in the cavity is detected in real time and overpressure protection.


4. The equipment has functions such as digital dimming, production counting, and historical data query.


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UVLED nitrogen curing furnace light source characteristics


1. High efficiency and energy saving: UVLED has a concentrated output band, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving and electricity saving, fast curing speed and high production efficiency.


2. Wide application range: UVLED is a cold light source, low infrared heat radiation, will not cause working thermal stress and deformation, and is suitable for curing various heat-sensitive materials.


3. Long life: UVLED has a long life, which reduces the investment cost of equipment. It is on and off without preheating, and the number of switching does not affect the service life.


4. Green and environmental protection: RoHS compliant, no mercury.


The application field of UVLED glue machine


UVLED dissolving machine is mainly used in the semiconductor industry (LCM, LCD, LED, MLCC, TFT, quartz oscillator, PE, PCB, IC, LED chip), electronic components, medical equipment, voltage capacitors, etc.


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