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What is the main working range of UVLED curing oven

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In the curing field, UVLED curing has become a trend, and when customers make choices, they must also choose according to the actual use characteristics. At present, UVLED curing equipment on the market is mainly divided into UVLED point light source, UVLED line light source, And UVLED curing oven and UVLED curing oven and other types. So what is the main scope of work for these devices?


The meaning of curing is that the liquid glue can be solidified in a short time and play a role in adhesion. Therefore, the main working scope of the UVLED curing furnace is the curing of glue. For those who don’t know it, they think that the glue will dry by itself as long as it is placed aside, so do you still need to choose curing? The concept of glue used is different. The glue cured by the UVLED curing oven is a special UV glue, and the curing effect is obvious, and the adhesion is particularly good.


There is also the curing of the ink. The ink cured by the UVLED curing furnace is also specific. Only the ink with a photoinitiator in it needs to be cured. This ink will have a certain reaction when it encounters light energy.


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There is also the curing of paint, which is basically the same as the curing of ink. It is also because the photoinitiator is contained in the paint, so a professional UVLED curing oven is required for curing, which can ensure that the curing effect is obvious and can be used in the later stage of the product. There is obvious help.


In fact, the curing process is a process of adhering two products. For example, when the paint is attached to the surface of the product, if it is simply air-dried, it will take a long time and the effect will not be good, but after using the UVLED curing oven, it can be quickly Cures and improves adhesion.


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