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Portable uv paint/varnish led curing machine on floor and furniture

Click:[1150] Publish Time:2018-07-25

     During the production of  furniture, wood floors or cladding, varnishing is a crucial step of the process that offers a better protection along with an aesthetic appeal to the wood. The many standards applying to varnishes mainly concern their resistance to breaking, stain and scratches.The curing process using UV LED techlonogy is one of the fastest there is and will soon replace current solutions such as mercury lamps. Only a few seconds of exposure is needed for the varnish to be fully cured and have the required characteristics of brightness, resistance to thermal shocks, solidity...

The Height-LED is a company whose mission is to promote uv led technical progress, participate in improving the performance and quality assurance of industries. Aware of the growing popularity of UV LED technology in the wood industry, we wanted to create a project involving different players in the field (paint manufacturers, manufacturers of UV LED equipment and end users). 

UV LED techlonogy has many advantages compare to the older uv lamp,such as better economics,system capabilities and environmental bennfits.