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Seventeenth meeting

Click:[1073] Publish Time:2017-10-27

Xinhua news agency, Inner Mongolia Zhu and on 30 July, (reporter Li Xuanliang, Wang Yushan) the morning of July 30th, in celebration of Chinese people's Liberation Army Parade in 90th anniversary, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping sent a strong army under the new situation. - the hero of the people's army building a world-class army.

The parade to celebrate the founding of the army as the theme of the 90th anniversary, Xi Jinping is the first time in the field conditions of the battlefield parade, but also the liberation of the whole army, the revolutionary reform of the new appearance after remodeling. 12 thousand officers and soldiers who took part in actual combat training at Zhu RI and training base went down the training ground, namely the parade ground, and they were inspected by fighting posture.

At 9 o'clock, the parade begins. The magnificent parade song, Xi Jinping take the field review car, in order to review the ground square and square staff.

"Good comrades." "good chairman."!" Comrades work hard -- "serve the people"!" Xi Jinping's cordial greetings boost the morale of the troops, officers and soldiers by reading the answer with a resounding sound sky.

This parade ceremony parade broke the previous practice, do not arrange square foot and marched, do not arrange the military band and chorus, no mass observation, all equipment for decoration, reflect the deep sense of "war" taste venison "".

The military parade on the battlefield is the embodiment of the PLA's implementation of actual combat requirements and focus on preparations for war. In 2013, Xi Jinping pointed out clearly: "building a people's army that listens to the party's command, can win the war and has a fine style of work is the party's strong military goal under the new situation."." Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that the army should fight and win the war.

9:30, more than 200 soldiers escorted the flag, flag, flag by the reviewing stand, opened the prelude to parade. 17 helicopters formed "Bayi" logo, 24 helicopters merged into "90" word flying across the sky. Land warfare, information warfare, special operations, anti missile air defense, maritime operations, air operations, comprehensive security, counter-terrorism, combating the 9 strategic battle group, according to combat grouping, one of the space form followed by the reviewing stand, parade.

The parade, more than 600 sets (sets) of nearly half of the reading equipment for the first time public display, a variety of new combat forces debut. Today, the PLA has developed from a single military service in the past into a strong army with a certain level of modernization and a rapid advance towards information.

10 am, Xi Jinping made an important speech He pointed out that we are closer to the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history, and need to build a powerful people's army more than any other time in history.

Xi Jinping called on all officers and soldiers, thoroughly implement the party's military thought, unswervingly follow the path of strengthening the army China characteristics, and strive to achieve the party strong army targets under the new situation, we put the heroic people's army building a world-class army.

At the end of his speech, the audience burst into applause, prolonged. The sun shining armor, iron matrix stand tall, poised.

After 90 years of wind and rain, the PLA launched a new journey towards the world's first class army.