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The advantages of uv led light curing system

Click:[1133] Publish Time:2017-12-09

UV LED system offer advanced capabilities, operating economics and environmental advantages. UV LED curing  system manufacturers allow to offer their users lower operating costs and longer-lasting solutions while enabling new capabilities and even reduced shipping and inventory storage due to the ability to print on thinner, heat-sensitive substrates.

Advanced Capabilities:

1.Heat-sensitives,thin substrates

2.Deep through curing

3.Smallcompact machine

4.Adjustable output intensity

5.Optional wavelength(365nm-405nm)

Operating economics:

1.Energy efficient

2.Long life time and low maintenance

3.Low temperaturer

4.No warm-up time, ready to use at any time

Environmental advantages:

1.No mercury

2.No ozon

3.No deep uv irradiation

4.Workplace safety