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The characteristics of flexo printing process

Click:[736] Publish Time:2019-09-26

Flexo printing is a method of using a flexible printing plate to transfer ink through an anilox roller, 

which is a type of letterpress printing process, referred to as flexo printing. 

With the development of society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, 

and the requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. 

At the same time, the requirements for the aesthetics of various printed products are getting higher and higher, 

so the development of the printing industry is also coming.

Flexo printing is one of the printing processes. The characteristics of the flexo printing process are as follows.

1) Flexographic ink is a low-viscosity volatile dry ink with alcohol and water as the main solvent. 

   It has a fast drying speed and is suitable for high-speed multi-color printing of flexo printing.

   It is non-polluting, fast drying and environmentally friendly.

2) Flexo is a photosensitive rubber or resin type printing plate that is soft, flexible and elastic. 

   Shore hardness is generally 25~60, which has good transfer performance to ink, especially for alcohol 

   solvent printing. This is a comparison between a lead plate and a plastic plate with a Shore hardness of 75 or more.

3) Printing with light printing pressure.

4) The printing materials suitable for flexo printing are very wide.

5) Good print quality. The flexo print has the clarity of letterpress printing, 

   the soft color of the offset printing, and the thick and high gloss of the gravure ink layer.

6) High production efficiency. Flexo printing has a short printing cycle, and different processes

   can be carried out continuously, eliminating the need for more personnel and multiple devices, 

   reducing costs and giving users an advantage in a highly competitive market.

7) Easy operation and maintenance.

8) High printing speed.

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