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The application characteristics of UV flexo ink

Click:[810] Publish Time:2019-09-28

UV inks have developed rapidly in the past 10 years and have entered a mature stage, 

which is recognized by the world as a pollution-free ink variety. 

Much of the information indicates that the world's primary application for radiation 

curing (including EB curing and UV curing) materials is in the printing industry. 

Its main varieties include: UV coating oil, UV screen printing ink, UV offset printing ink, 

UV flexo printing ink, UV metal printing ink and UV electronic circuit ink and so on.

In recent years, domestic printing UV materials have also developed rapidly, 

mainly used for UV glazing, printed circuit board inks and UV screen printing inks. 

In addition, there are also some UV offset printing inks, UV embossing inks, etc.

UV flexo inks have received widespread attention and favor in foreign countries,

mainly because they have the following characteristics.

1. UV flexo ink has good printability, high printing quality, no change in physical 

  properties during printing, non-volatile solvent, stable viscosity, not easy to paste plate, 

can be printed with higher viscosity, strong ink, high dot resolution, 

order The reproducibility is good, the ink color is bright and bright, 

and the adhesion is firm, which is suitable for fine product printing.

2.UV flexo ink can be dried instantaneously, with high production efficiency 

and wide adaptability. It has good adhesion on different printing carriers

 such as paper, aluminum foil and plastic. After printing, 

it can be stacked immediately without blocking. .

3. UV flexo ink has excellent physical and chemical properties. 

The UV curing and drying process is a photochemical reaction of UV ink, 

that is, a process from a linear structure to a network structure, 

so it has many excellent physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, 

alcohol resistance, alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance. 

Kinds of inks are out of reach.

4.UV flexo ink is safe and reliable, solvent-free, non-flammable, 

non-polluting environment, suitable for food, beverage, tobacco, alcohol,

 medicine and other packaging conditions with high hygienic conditions.

5. The amount of UV flexo ink is saved. Since there is no solvent volatilization, 

the active ingredient is high, and it can be converted into an ink film by almost 100%, 

and the amount thereof is less than half of the ink or solvent ink, and the 

number of cleaning of the printing plate and the anilox roller can be greatly reduced, 

so the comprehensive cost is relatively low. Based on the above characteristics, 

UV flexo inks have obvious advantages and development prospects from the perspective 

of environmental protection, quality, and technology development.

There is still a process in the promotion and application of UV flexo printing technology in China.

 On the one hand, it is a further understanding and understanding of UV flexo printing technology, 

on the other hand, it needs to be improved and improved in terms of equipment, 

light source, supporting equipment and process technology.

At present, the flexo printing machine with UV ink curing system installed abroad is increasing,

and the existing flexo printing machine is constantly modifying the UV ink curing system. 

The replacement of water-based inks and solvent-based inks with UV flexo inks has become a trend, 

and has been widely used in wide-format and narrow-width flexo presses. Undoubtedly, 

the development prospect of UV flexo printing technology is very good. 

The promotion and application of domestic UV flexo printing technology needs to be based on our national 

conditions and product needs, as well as the perfection of domestic equipment and equipment. 

With the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements and quality requirements, 

it is believed that in the near future, domestic UV flexo printing technology will more and more  development in China.