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The characteristics of UVLED printing machine

Click:[798] Publish Time:2019-10-08

    UVLED printing has arrived, but some UV printing machines use UV mercury lamps. 

The technology of curing with UV LED chips has been applied to the market. UVLED has

become an environmentally friendly and energy-saving green curing light source for the

 printing industry. In general, the advantages of UV printing are:

 1. High color saturation and good color effect. Compared with traditional lithography, 

    lithographic UV printing can achieve relatively high color effects, and for prints 

    with stricter color requirements, satisfactory results can be obtained.

 2. The print has high gloss and beautiful appearance. Paired with the matte background

    color,you can get an exciting visual contrast, which is very helpful for enhancing 

    the high quality image of the product.

 3. The substrate is widely used, including paper, cardboard, plastic, racetrack, PVC, PE,

    etc. Paper and film. This feature can print more products than traditional lithography,

    and has a wider range. Market future.

 4. Fast curing speed, reducing the interval between processes, can greatly improve

    production efficiency. Since there is no need to wait for the ink drying time, 

    the production time can be greatly shortened.

 5. No heat radiation and harmful substances, relatively friendly to the environment.

 6. The abrasion resistance of the print is better.

 7. The print is more resistant to light.

 8. Since it is dry immediately after printing, it can not be like the traditional lithographic 

    printing, color change will occur within 48 hours of printing.

 9. Since it is dry immediately during printing, it is not necessary to use dusting, which can 

    be avoided by improving the quality problems caused by dusting.