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What should we pay attention to for UVLED offset printing?

Click:[1263] Publish Time:2019-12-17

With the continuous development of society and economy,people's concept of consumption is constantly changing,and people's demand for goods 

has gradually changed from a single, practical concept in the past to a beautiful, practical, and advanced concept. Therefore, when people buy goods,

they have already taken the aesthetic degree of the goods as a reference factor for buying goods,which provides room for development of UV printing.

In recent years, UV printing has developed rapidly. As the call for green environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, a light-emitting 

diode uvled with ultraviolet light-emitting curing products came into being, gradually replacing the traditional mercury lamp in uv printing technology,

and its application in various printing technology fields is becoming more and more wide,uvled offset printing is one of the most important applications.

So,what problems should be paid attention to in uvled offset printing? What factors need to be considered? Today, let me explain them for you.

                                 uvled printing curing lamp.jpg

1. To select different inks according to different nature of substrates, we must comprehensively consider the ink's light transmittance, curing rate, 

   the hiding property of the ink, and the gloss of the printed surface.

2. The use of alcohol fountain system can reduce the surface tension of the ink and promote the curing effect. In the printing process, fountain solution 

   can be used to strengthen the oil-repellent area (blank area) of the printing plate to ensure that the oil-wet area is fully hydrophilic. Ink, hydrophilic 

   areas are not inked. Improving the ink formula and adding the corresponding additives can increase the hydrophobicity of the ink, but too strong 

   hydrophobicity will cause the shrinkage of the ink at the edge of the image, loss of fine levels, and unclear dot boundaries, which will affect the print 


                                   uvled printing curing lamp.jpg

3. In color printing, various pigments have different abilities to absorb UVLED photons, and their transmittances are M, Y, C, and BK from high to low, 

   so the curing degree of each color ink is also different. The transmittance directly affects the excitation energy of the photoinitiator to the 

   photoinitiator. Therefore, it is appropriate to arrange the printing color sequence as BK, C, Y, M, so that the ink with poor light transmission absorbs 

   as much photons as possible, and enhances its curing effect.


4. UVLED printing has higher requirements on the surface strength of the paper, and the surface strength is not easy to cause burrs. When printing with 

   gold or silver cardboard, the surface of such paper is smooth, and its affinity for ink is small. The first color ink is pulled off.Therefore,in UVLED printing,

   paper with a large surface tension should be selected,and the color sequence should be reasonably arranged,and the relevant process parameters in the 

   printing process should be adjusted to avoid and reduce the above-mentioned phenomenon.

                                 uvled printing curing lamp.jpg

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