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uv led curing technology to promote the fast curing of flexo printing

Click:[1199] Publish Time:2018-08-06

  There are many reasons for the recent introduction of UVLED in flexible printing. Flexographic printing process into China only less than 20 years, the domestic printing companies to use flexo to print the label time is relatively short. Even today, the 21st century, the domestic label printing is still mostly use letterpress printing, the use of flexo is still in the initial stage. However, for the developed countries such as Europe and the United States, their label printing market is already very mature, about 90% of the labels are printed using flexible printing in China, although the flexo printing process is still young in the label, but this label soft Indian way has a strong stamina. According to industry statistics, the current Chinese label market every year at about 30% rate of rapid rise in the label market expansion, but also contributed to the rise of the label printing industry.          

      Flexo printing has become the main cause of the label printing process mainly in two aspects: First, the flexographic printing as a more environmentally friendly printing, ink non-toxic and tasteless, in line with international environmental requirements. At present, many large multinational companies on the product packaging increasingly stringent, basically have been used to print the way to flexo packaging products. For domestic speaking, pharmaceuticals, food companies have become the main source of our label flexo; second, flexo printing in the label compared to other printing methods have more advantages, such as color saturation is high, very much Standardization, spot color performance, more convenient to achieve a combination of printing and so on.         

      However, the printing speed of the flexographic printing press is usually maintained at more than 100 m / min. The printing speed is 2-3 times that of the most commonly used letterpress printing machine in label printing. In such a high-speed printing environment, UVLED curing efficiency becomes The key to the success of printing. Ordinary infrared drying process is far from meeting the requirements of the huge baking equipment, long boring Road is simply the nightmare of the printing business. UVLED drying curing process, ink can be cured after a few seconds, significantly improve the production efficiency, you can omit the baking drying process, and drying equipment is simple, save space, fully suitable for high-speed flexo label production.