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UV glue curing conditions and UV curing lamp selection

Click:[440] Publish Time:2021-11-13

Some UV curing glues are quickly cured after being irradiated by UV curing lamps, but some have poor curing effects, and some are not cured. What is going on? Height-LED will explain what the curing conditions of uv glue are and how to choose a suitable uv glue curing lamp.


UV glue, actually a kind of photosensitive glue, is a type of adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light. It can be used in a wide range. It can not only be used as glue, but also as paint, coating, ink and other glues. The curing principle of uv glue is because the photoinitiator (photosensitizer) in the uv glue absorbs ultraviolet light and generates active free radicals or cations under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, which initiates monomer polymerization and cross-linking chemical reactions, so that the adhesive is in a few seconds Internal curing.


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In fact, there are many types of uv glue. This can be seen in the description. If there is a specific band, usually within 365nm-405nm, then you can use the uvled curing lamp of the specified band for irradiation and curing, which is why they are all uv. Glue, why some can be cured by uvled curing lamp, and some cannot be cured. If the specified band is not indicated, or if multiple bands are indicated, then it can be roughly judged to use a mercury lamp for curing uv glue, because the mercury lamp emits a complete range of ultraviolet bands, but because of its too many shortcomings, it is gradually being single-band Replaced by uvled curing lights.


The curing condition of the uv glue is to use the uv curing lamp suitable for the band to irradiate. Before choosing the suitable uv glue curing lamp, you must first understand what type of uv glue is used, and the specified band or multiple bands. Communicate with the manufacturer and choose according to the actual situation.

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