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UVLED curing machine is used for curing of UV transfer glue

Click:[400] Publish Time:2021-12-04

UV transfer glue curing

UV transfer glue is mainly used in the decoration of the shell parts of consumer electronic products, including mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, car decoration parts and other shell parts. It is transferred from PET or PC, PC+PMMA composite sheet to another substrate through UV transfer process, so as to make light beam, bright surface texture, gradation and other effects. Our company also produces UV transfer glue and its supporting UVLED curing equipment.

The advantages of choosing UVLED curing machine for UV transfer adhesive curing

1. UV transfer glue has two curing methods: UVLED and mercury lamp. However, because materials such as PC/PET need to be in a relatively low temperature environment, the transfer effect will be better. Therefore, the UVLED curing machine with cold light source is more effective. good.

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2. Compared with mercury lamps, UVLED curing machines have the characteristics of low temperature, fast curing speed, low energy consumption, environmental protection, and long service life. At present, the UVLED curing machines used by Height-LED for curing UV transfer adhesives are mainly water-cooled The heat dissipation, touch-sensitive display screen can be more intuitive and convenient to operate, and the power adjustment is 10%-100% to ensure accurate adjustment of the intensity.

Trustworthy UVLED curing machine manufacturer

Shenzhen Height-LED specializes in the production and sales of UVLED point light sources, UVLED line light sources, UVLED surface light sources, UVLED curing machines, UVLED curing ovens, dispensing, spraying, spraying, automation equipment and other products. It has a professional team and rich experience. Suitable UVLED curing system can be customized for customers, welcome to consult.