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What is the function of UVLED degumming machine

Click:[431] Publish Time:2022-04-04

In the process of market development, equipment in many professional fields is constantly developing, and when people who are just getting started want to buy equipment, because they do not understand the concept or the role of the product itself is not special Clear, so it's hard to make a choice. In the field of curing, the use of UVLED debonding machines is also gradually developing, so what is this concept?


To be precise, the UVLED debonding machine is a kind of release of the adhesive part between the UV film and the cutting film tape, and this release part is actually a curing process. In a popular sense, it is to separate the originally adhered wafer or chip from the UV glue film or cutting film glue through a UVLED debonding machine, but if brute force or other methods are used It may cause the loss of raw materials, so it needs to use specific equipment to remove.

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In the field of curing, in order to increase the curing effect of the product, which is the so-called stickiness, the existence of curing equipment can be seen on the production line of many enterprises. Its function is to adhere products of different materials through UV glue, and in the After curing, the adhesion effect is very good, so it is widely used in many fields.


However, when some products achieve adhesion, the adhered products may need to be decomposed due to certain usage requirements, that is to say, the adhesion characteristics between the two products will be released, and UV glue is a special kind of material, so it is necessary to use a UVLED degumming machine to achieve the purpose of removal. Therefore, in the curing field, his main function is to separate the original parts that are connected together with UV glue.


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