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Parameters and characteristics of Height-LED uvled spot light source curing system

Click:[1614] Publish Time:2020-06-03

        Height-LED specializes in the production of uvled curing light sources and curing equipment. Height-LED uvled spot light source irradiation system consists of a 

controller and uvled irradiation head. The uvled irradiation head is divided into: with a fan (square) irradiation head, without a fan (straight tube) irradiation head. The 

spot diameter and related parameters of the irradiation head are as follows:

                                                                        uvled spot light source.jpg



Number of irradiation heads

1-12 (four controllable channels)

Host size


Terminal block I/O


Foot switch and serial RS-232 communication signal


Serial RS-232 communication signal

Host cooling method

Semiconductor natural cooling, air cooling



Power consumption of the whole machine


Ambient temperature and humidity

Ambient temperature:-10℃~50℃     Relative humidity:25%-85%RH

Dimming/illumination control

Digital debugging, manual irradiation control, foot control or timing control (0.1-9999S)

Set operation

Set by operating switch, power key lock parameter switch, RS232

External control

External input

Individual irradiation input, irradiation stop input, interlocking, all lighting irradiation input, query switching

External output

   READY signal, error signal, warning output, BUSY output (each head) + 5V output (for indicator light)

                                                      uvled spot light source.jpg    

      Height-LED uvled spot light source has the following characteristics:

1. Fixed power, step power, perfect embodiment;

2. The interface parameter setting is locked to prevent bad pressing caused by bad;

3. Direct COM, convenient for peripheral communication;

4. I O signal, cooperate with PLC automatic production process;

5. Universal design, LCD display, intuitive operation;

6. Digital display of irradiation power time countdown, intuitive and convenient to understand the irradiation process;

7. Foot control, manual automatic, easy to control;

8. Easily query the UV irradiation process of the channel during the irradiation process;

9. Automatic retrieval, more error warning tips.

                                                              uvled spot light source.jpg

  uvled spot light source has the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and a wide range of applications.

1. Motor and component assembly (wire, coil fixing, coil end fixing, PTC / NTC component welding, protection of transformer core);

2. DVD / digital camera (lens, lens paste, circuit board strengthening);

3. Mobile phone components (camera lens, mobile phone, microphone, housing, LCD display, touch screen, etc.);

4. Sensor production (gas sensor, uvled photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.);

5. Assembly of hard disk head of UVled light source (reading and writing package, gold wire fixing, bearing, coil, chip welding, etc.);

6. Tft LCD screen LCD port packaging;

7, tft-LCD liquid crystal display board FPC paste package;

8. Optical industry-st-led UV light curing application, laser ultraviolet curing application;

9. Source equipment of optical communication industry (PLC segmentation, WDM, WDM packaging array, uvled such as the combination or sealing of various 

    glass packaging structures, small parts, such as fixed);

10. Assembly of optical components (lens group, prism, DLP optical engine assembly, CCD, COMS);

11, and institutions-st. led UV light curing application, curing application of medical equipment;

12. Curing of capacitive touch screen, application research of PCB industry LED VU light curing.

     Shenzhen Height-LED is a professional UVLED curing equipment and solution provider. Its main products are uvled area light source, uvled spot light source, 

uvled linear light source, uvled curing oven, uvled curing machine. It is a research and development, production and sales in one High-tech enterprises.

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