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【uvled curing】 Product quality requirements in the label market

Click:[1194] Publish Time:2020-06-01

       In life, the exquisite packaging has become a choice whether people buy products. Labels are an important factor in 

packaging. A variety of labels enrich people's daily lives and make the label market develop in a more refined direction.

1. Cigarette label

     Cigarette labels are the most important part of the label industry. Although the label industry knows that tobacco labels 

are an area with high profit margins, it does not have certain qualifications. It is difficult for general label printing companies 

to get involved. The process of cigarette label printing is mainly gravure and offset printing, and there are also a small 

amount of flexo printing, but it is still in a position to fill in the gaps.

                                            Cigarette label_uvled curing

2. Wine label

     In addition to the advantage of gravure printing in beer label printing, high-end alcohol labels are dominated by offset 

printing. The fine dot printing of the offset printing process is currently unmatched by other processes.

                                          Wine label_uvled curing

3. Daily chemical label

     The added value of daily chemical products is high, the packaging requirements are exquisite, and the profit margin is 

high. Daily chemical labels use self-adhesive materials as the main substrate, and flexo printing and embossing are the main 

printing processes. In addition, cold / hot bronzing, embossing, local screen printing UV glazing, fine dots for gravure and 

offset printing Modifications are reflected on the daily chemical labels. It can be said that a small sticker carries a variety of 

processes. Today, the trend of high-end daily chemical labels from embossing to flexo printing is proof.

4. Food label

      Food stickers mainly based on flexo printing and embossing, such as meat packaging, are mainly packaged with 

high-barrier films and decorated with exquisite stickers. At present, flexible packaging is mainly suitable for low-end 

products. The packaging of high-end products will use bottles, cans and other forms, and is equipped with beautiful 

stickers. Compared with daily chemical labels, food labels will be a huge market, with many varieties, large consumption, 

and short life cycle of labels. Although food labels cannot be compared with daily chemical labels in terms of exquisiteness, 

the amount of consumption is unmatched by the latter. The development and development of the food label market will 

bring more live parts of medium and long version of self-adhesive labels, which is more conducive to the development of 

flexo printing. Therefore, food labels will become a new growth point for flexographic labels.

                                           Food label_uvled curing

       The primary pursuit of labels is quality. Therefore, high-definition dots, stable color difference control, and exquisite 

multi-process are the most basic requirements of label users. Exquisite and even luxury will be the development direction 

of the label market.