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How to carry out daily maintenance of UVLED curing machine

Click:[441] Publish Time:2022-03-08

With the continuous improvement of the technical level, in various fields, the curing of products has basically realized the use of UVLED curing machines to meet the needs of daily curing. In the process of product production, the curing machine needs to work continuously. Therefore, for the machine itself, it is necessary to have certain maintenance skills to ensure that the entire machine has a longer life and more stable effects during use.


The first is the requirements for the working environment. The working area of the light source in the UVLED curing machine must be kept clean and dry regularly, and it is necessary to ensure that the machine is not damp during use, and there will be no leakage or damage. problems, the equipment should be checked and repaired regularly.


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Before using the UVLED curing machine, it is necessary to check the surrounding working environment to ensure that it is safe and dry before turning it on. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the internal lighting time and the operation of the entire machine after starting. If you encounter problems, you should contact professional maintenance personnel instead of repairing it yourself.


Then there is the inspection of the heat dissipation system. For UVLED curing machines, heat dissipation is very critical, because light will generate heat during the irradiation process. Together, it will break through the original upper temperature limit and affect the product to be cured. Therefore, the cooling system needs to be checked regularly.


Finally, it is about the inspection of the lamp beads inside the light source. This can be checked by measuring the light intensity, and you can know whether the light source is attenuated.


After checking the above content, it can basically meet the daily maintenance needs of the UVLED curing machine.