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What you need to know about UV ink curing process

Click:[1046] Publish Time:2019-08-01

1、First choose the manufacturer's number 

of UV ink and paper manufacturer's number。

Re-determination of printing presses,

such as offset form presses; embossing fluid materials。

The state of curing machine is mainly the intensity of UV radiation, 

which needs to be measured by UV radiation intensity meter.

Usual UV irradiation intensity meters include

 365 nm and 420 nm probe for measuring UV curing light source.

UV irradiation

2、Measurement of UV Radiation Intensity of 

UV Curing Lamp at the Position of Illuminated Object

The method is to set the UV curing lamp to full power, 

and then put the probe of the UV irradiation meter in the position of the object

 (e.g., the paper of the form machine in the position of the UV curing machine)

 to read the data. Pay attention to wiping the lamp tube and reflector before measuring

3. Determining the Curing Rate

Adjust the printing press to work state, turn on the 

UV curing machine to full power, adjust the speed of 

the printing press can make the highest speed of UV ink curing, 

determine the normal printing speed of the printing press.

4. Time of UV lamp

Usually repeated measurement of UV radiation intensity 

at the location of the object illuminated by the UV lamp, 

when the radiation intensity of the UV lamp reaches a certain intensity,

 it means that the UV lamp tube needs to be replaced. At this time,

 the cumulative lighting time T of the UV lamp tube is 

the lifetime of the UV lamp tube.