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Application of UV curing machine in flexo printing

Click:[925] Publish Time:2019-08-08

What are the applications of UV curing machine in flexo printing?

Flexographic printing is a kind of cam-relief printing using flexible rubber or elastomer plates.

Flexographic printing was first used in 1980. At that time, rubber was used to make plates,

which developed slowly. Until the advent of flexible printing 

with photosensitive resins in 1970, 

the speed and accuracy of plate-making were greatly improved.

UV curing machine

Flexography has entered a new era of development. 

Flexographic technology has wide adaptability and can be applied to

different printing materials, except for traditional paper.

Some non-absorptive printing materials, such as cellophane, plastic film,

plastic products, metal foil, glass products, etc., 

can be printed on thicker cardboard and corrugated paper.

The printing cost is low, the printing quality is close to offset printing,

and the printing speed is fast. At the same time, cutting, forming, die cutting, piercing, 

folding, stamping, film coating or polishing processes can be connected into a production line.

The production rate is very high, and the degree of automation is also very high, 

so it has developed very fast in recent years, especially in packaging and printing widely.

 At present, flexible packaging printing,

Corrugated carton printing, sticker label printing, 

folding carton printing almost all use flexographic printing, 

some newspapers and magazines also use flexographic printing.