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Talking about the cooling method of UVLED curing equipment

Click:[1064] Publish Time:2019-10-24

    Everyone knows that solid-state electronic devices such as laptops generate heat. For UVLED curing equipment, cooling of devices is extremely 

important for UVLED chips. UVLED converts 15-25% of the electrical energy into light energy, and the other 75-85% of the electrical energy is 

converted into heat. Therefore, the UVLED curing equipment is mainly equipped with a cooling device to dissipate heat.

    Due to the limitations of current semiconductor light-emitting diode chip technology, the photoelectric conversion rate of UVLED needs to be

improved, especially for high-power LED lamp beads. Because of its high power, about 60% of the electric energy will be converted into heat energy 

release (with the technology of semiconductor technology). Development, photoelectric conversion rate will gradually increase), which requires end 

users to use high-power UVLED curing products, to do a good job of heat dissipation to ensure that high-power UVLED lamp beads can work properly.

At present, the cooling methods of UVLED curing equipment mainly include air cooling and water cooling.


    It is worth noting that the higher the output energy of the UVLED curing device, the more heat is generated. Therefore, while pursuing higher 

and higher radiant energy, the UVLED curing equipment supplier is also very important to control and eliminate the heat of the system.

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    With the improvement of UVLED and the increase of radiant energy, the requirements for the heat dissipation technology of the system also 

increase. The general choice of low power is air-cooled. If it is a high-power light source, it must be cooled by water cooling. As a professional 

manufacturer of UVLED curing equipment, Height-led has extensive experience in this piece and can withstand inspection.

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