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Application characteristics of UVLED technology in the glass printing industry

Click:[1301] Publish Time:2019-10-28

In the printing and painting, painting and other industries, UVLED light curing equipment is popular for its fast curing speed, cold light source, 

energy saving and environmental protection. Many manufacturers have replaced the original mercury lamp production line with UVLED light curing equipment. 

Not only improve production efficiency, but also cost-effective in the long run. At present, UVLED light curing equipment has also made breakthroughs in 

the glass printing industry, and is advancing towards the stage of industrialization. In the near future, UVLED printing will become the main production 

means of the glass printing industry. This is because the development of low-carbon economy is a global trend. From the perspective of low-carbon emission 

reduction and environmental protection, glass printing technology must meet the environmental protection requirements of production technology. From the 

current point of view, UVLED printing technology meets the requirements of low carbon and environmental protection, this revolution is imperative. 

For a long time, the glass printing industry has been dominated by self-drying and thermosetting inks. Although the self-drying ink is energy-saving, 

various indicators cannot fully meet the requirements of the product. The thermosetting ink has various indexes, but the processing consumes a large amount 

of electricity. Slow curing speed (relative to UVLED printing), does not meet the requirements of low carbon, environmental protection! In contrast, UVLED 

technology has great potential and will definitely replace traditional curing systems such as ovens in the future.

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