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advantages of uv led curing light for lable printing

Click:[1147] Publish Time:2018-02-27

1, fast curing: UV  curing process, can be in a few seconds after curing ink printing, greatly increased the production efficiency, can also be omitted baking drying process, and UV drying equipment is simple, save a space, completely suitable for the production of high-speed flexo label. 
2, low thermal effect: in the UV curing  technology, ink under the action of UV energy, the reticular crosslinked polymer material formed in an instant, rapid curing ink, no effect to the printing material temperature, the unique cold curing system is suitable for production of heat sensitive material label. 
3, wide substrates: in addition to air and water, as long as printed material into the UV inkjet printer, can be directly sprayed printed up.Applicable printed material such as paper, film, PE, PET, PP, OPP, BOPP, PVC, and the strength glue glass, wood, ceramic tile, etc. 
4, high solid content: high solid content of UVLED ink under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the light fast curing, curing film not yellowing, good adhesion fastness, good toughness.