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uv led curing system application in medial instrment

Click:[1203] Publish Time:2018-03-02
With the development of science and technology, UV LED light source has been used in the production of hearing aid, cardiac catheter, infusion tube, endoscope assembly and so on. With the continuous improvement of the environmental safety requirements of medical adhesive, the application of UV adhesive and UV LED curing machine will increase.
The main application of medicine:
2 syringe
3 catheter assembly (guide pipe, intravenous infusion tube)
4 vascular implants
5 endoscopic assembly
6 artery location
7 insulin pen
8 tubular drainage device
9 tracheal tube
10 blood oxygenation
11 hearing aids
12 detection, monitoring, and imaging devices
13 biochip
The 14 adhesive PVC, thermal plastic (polycarbonate polymerization ABS)