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UV LED curing machine should pay attention to clean the surface of the head

Click:[1697] Publish Time:2019-11-15

     Quartz glass is installed on the lamp head of the UVLED curing device. Its main function is to protect 

the LED module and prevent external pollutants from contaminating the LED. It is well known that the ultraviolet

light of the UVLED curing device is high-energy light. If the lamp glass is contaminated, not only the strength 

of the lamp head becomes low, but also the LED damage due to problems such as reflection and heat accumulation. 

In daily use, there are several factors that can affect the cleanliness of the illuminating head glass.

1. Daily dust pollution;

2. UV curing equipment will have some temperature when working, some UV glued product materials will evaporate on 

   the glass at high temperature;

3. The organic volatiles of the UV glue during curing, during the movement of the pipeline, the small molecules of 

   the glue and the small molecules of the ink evaporate and fall onto the glass.

     The normal service life of UVLED light source is much longer than that of traditional UV lamps. In order not 

to affect the life and use of LED lamps, we need to maintain the illumination head regularly. So how do you clean 

the glass of UVLED curing equipment?

1. Please keep the environment clean and use as much as possible in a dust-free environment;

2. Clean the lamp glass regularly, and wipe it gently with a lint-free cloth, alcohol or acetone;

3. When the glass receives serious pollution or damage, it should be contacted by the UV curing equipment supplier 

   for replacement.