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What types of products are UV dispensing curing machines suitable for?

Click:[741] Publish Time:2022-04-05

The process required in the production process of the product is basically the same, but for some special products, the processing method or reinforcement method that can be selected will be different. Some products can be reinforced by welding, while others need to be reinforced by curing. So what types of products are UV dispensing curing machines suitable for?


The first one is the connection between different materials. For some products with different mechanical properties, the connection will be difficult due to their respective characteristics in the process of connection. Therefore, at this time, all hopes cannot be placed on the product itself. In terms of characteristics, the connection between the two must be realized by the action of external force. Therefore, the role of the UV dispensing curing machine is to bond these mechanically different materials through the curing form of glue, and play a role in reinforcement. .


UV dispensing and curing machine.png

The second is that the quality of the material itself is very light and thin, and cannot be connected by welding. In many cases, especially in the medical field, the selection of materials is special, and welding cannot be used. Therefore, to make the connection between materials more secure, the effect of curing is required. Therefore, UV dispensing curing machine can be applied in these fields.


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