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HTZD-DJZM Dispensing and curing machine introduction

Click:[1407] Publish Time:2023-09-11

  Height-led introduces HTZD-DJZM dispensing and curing machine features and applications, welcome to read it.

  一、HTZD-DJZM Dispensing and curing machine features

  Height-led Dispensing and curing machine for the Chinese handheld LCD screen operation, programming is easy to learn.The device supports point line surface, arc, irregular curve interpolation, etc. It supports 3D non-planar trajectory path as well as array, graphical browsing, 3D ellipse, common gallery insertion, group editing and other advanced functions.HTZD-DJZMDispensing and curing machine can be freely customized in terms of glue size, track thickness, glue application speed, dispensing time, stopping time, etc., and the program capacity is large, equipped with three-color light and safety view fence protection.Not only can help users to improve work efficiency and ensure the rate of excellence, but also safety and anti-dumbness, and effectively protect the safety of life and property.

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  二、HTZD-DJZM Dispensing and curing machine light source characteristics

  UV LED output band is concentrated, high photoelectric conversion rate, fast curing speed and high productivity. Cold light source is suitable for curing all kinds of chips, heat-sensitive materials and so on.The UV LEDs have a long life and are ready to turn on and off without preheating. And it is RoHS compliant and does not contain mercury.

  三、HTZD-DJZM Applications of dispensing and curing all-in-one machines

  The height-led dispensing and curing all-in-one machine is widely used in many fields such as optical communication, PCB/PCBA, medical consumables, data cable, touch screen, microelectronics, camera, electro-acoustic and so on.