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Introduction of UV curing equipment with high efficiency

Click:[1218] Publish Time:2019-07-10

1、The types and the names of uv led curing systems

Uv curing systems are uv led automatic adhesive curing all-in-one machine, uv led area/linear/spot curing system, 

uv led curing oven led uv conveyor dryer, uv led curing light etc. 

The names of uv led curing systems are different in different industries.

Such as uv led light source for printing, uv curing machine for screen printing, uv dryer for flexo printer, 

uv dispensing curing machine, uv ink/vanish/glue curing systems. 

Although the names are different, all of them are the devices curing uv ink/uv glue/uv vanish under the ultraviolet irradiation

Customers can choose different uv led curing systems with suitable wavelength and specification.

Uv curing systems .jpg

2、How can we know what kind curing systems we should choose?

For these industry, such as USB, micromotor, touch screen,  bar glue in pipeline and so on, we can choose uv led linear curing system.

For the micro speaker, dispensing in the line, disposable medical supplies, lens and camera curing, we can select the uv led area curing system.

For optical fiber,  achromatic lens, camera module, lens, we can choose uv led curing oven.

For the LCD, TP, PCB, PCBA, medical equipment and camera module with pipeline, we can choose led uv curing conveyor dryer. 

For those industries which are the lens, adhesion of medical catheter, adhesion of Electronic Components, anti-counterfeiting inspection, 

immunofluorescence, we can choose uv led spot curing systems. 

Uv led conveyor dryer is suitable for these printing like rotary printing, flatbed printing, 

screen printing, inkjet printing and flexo printing as well as glass, wooden floor, PVC, metal etc. 

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3、Which conditions does uv led curing?

Uv ink/glue/ vanish must be cured by uv led linear curing system. if not, the effect of curing is not very good.

A lot of people may consider whether the uv ink is cured well through curing devices. 

In turns of uv led curing systems, you might worry the uv power of uv curing machine is not efficient or its speed is not quick. 

1. The type of uv ink: different kinds of uv ink have their own requirements. 

2.The thickness of uv ink: the uv ink is too thick to cure. Therefore, the thickness of uv ink can influence the effect of uv led curing systems.

3. The impact of climate: the effect of uv curing system is not very good under the condition of high temperature so the curing process should be carried out with proper temperature.

4. The absorption: uv ink for different colors absorption has different reflction.

5. the power of uv lamps must meet the needs of uv ink curing. 

6.The speed of curing: firstly, the uv curing systems proceed at one speed. 

Then we can adjust the speed after curing until the uv ink cannot be cured. In this way, we can measure the speed of uv led curing systems.