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Application of UV LED in light curing

Click:[1376] Publish Time:2020-05-15

    UV LED has developed rapidly and it is widely used. At present, there is a high degree of attention to 

UV LED curing technology in the market, and many manufacturers have already enjoyed the benefits brought by 

UV LED. The application of UV LED in light curing has the following aspects.

1. UV offset printing

    Compared with ordinary UV printing, LED UV offset printing is more energy-saving and environmentally 

friendly in the entire printing production process, and has a long life. It can reduce energy consumption 

by up to 70 to 80%, and has excellent adaptability to printing materials.


2. UV inkjet

    At present, the market pays great attention to UV LED curing technology, among which the innovation in 

the inkjet field is the most, and the advantages of UV LED curing just meet the needs of this field.

    UV LED inkjet advantages: energy saving, high efficiency, high resolution, adaptable to a variety of 

substrates. Application areas: industrial or decoration printing, large format inkjet printing, label and 

packaging printing.

3. PCB industry

   Components (capacitors, inductors, various plug-ins, screws, chips, etc.) are fixed.

   Conformal (corner) coating of circuit board.

   Moisture-proof potting, core circuit, chip protection, anti-oxidation coating protection.

   The ground wire, flying wire and coil are fixed.

   Wave soldering through hole mask.



4. Woodware industry

   Compared with the traditional coating method, UV LED will not affect the moisture content of the substrate, 

and the construction process of rapid curing of UV LED is fully realized from the closed bottom, primer, color 

repair and topcoat, eliminating the traditional wooden bottom The long drying and curing time of the topcoat and 

the complicated process of multi-layer spraying with low solid content can realize the full line of mechanization 

and assembly line operation, which greatly promotes the improvement of the factory's production capacity.

5. UV coating

   LED advantages: cold light source, less pollution, fast curing, low energy consumption, and excellent film 

forming performance.

   Application areas: mobile phones, automotive coatings, optical lenses, plastic coatings, optical fiber coatings.


6. UV nail polish

   Using low-power LED lamp for curing, low heat release during use, UV nail polish curing effect is good, can keep 

bright and new for a long time.



7. UV adhesive

   The use of UV LED curing glue has many advantages, such as low heat release, lower energy requirements, saving 

curing time and location, improving productivity, and easier automation. Therefore, it is widely used in the 

microelectronics industry and the field of medical devices, and plays a role in bonding, fixing and protecting.


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