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How to maintain the UVLED curing machine?

Click:[698] Publish Time:2021-08-17

        The application of UVLED light curing machine is more and more extensive, and many manufacturers have also put 

UVLED light curing machine into production use. So, in daily use, how to properly maintain the UVLED curing machine?

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        Daily maintenance of UVLED curing machine

1. Clean the surface dust and keep the body clean.

2. When starting the machine, check whether the fan and motor are running normally and whether there is any abnormal 

    sound. If so, immediately shut down and notify the maintenance personnel for repairs.

3. After turning on the lights, check whether all the UV lights are on. If any lights are not on, notify the repairman for 


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        Monthly maintenance of UVLED curing machine

1. Check if the vent is blocked and clean up the dust.

2. Check whether the lamp current is normal and whether the circuit is aging.

3. Check whether the fan and motor are operating normally, and whether the motor speed can meet the working 


4. Add oil to the drive chain and sprocket.

5. Whether the light intensity of the UV curing machine can reach the working standard and whether the lamp is aging.

6. Clean the dust in the inner cavity.

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