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Why use UVLED curing machine for furniture curing is not a specific advantage of mercury lamp curing

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Due to cost, efficiency, effect, environmental protection and many other reasons, most manufacturers now choose UVLED for curing. Regarding the difference between UVLED and mercury lamp, UV curing equipment manufacturer Height-LED will share our experience with you for your reference.


What are the advantages of UVLED curing machine over mercury lamp curing?


1. In wood finishing, compared with traditional mercury lamps, UVLED curing machines have obvious advantages: such as small footprint, monitoring, maintenance and downtime, which can be converted into higher production and efficiency, and reduce waste , To obtain high-quality finished products at a lower cost.


2. The use of traditional mercury lamps to cure the coating on heat-sensitive materials, such as plywood and resin-containing wood (such as pine), will cause damage to the substrate and increase the scrap rate. UVLEDs generate significantly less heat, making it possible to cure heat-sensitive wood substrates.


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3. The test results show that: compared with the traditional mercury lamp, when cured with UVLED, the surface temperature of the fir board can be significantly reduced. Compared with traditional mercury lamps, the UV LED curing machine can make the surface temperature of the pine board 8 degrees Celsius lower, while the surface temperature of the conveyor belt is 30 degrees Celsius lower.


4. As current UVLEDs output narrow wavelengths in the UVA range, chemical formulations are still challenging. Previous studies have shown that radiation peaks and total UVA energy output are much more important than accurate wavelength matching. Because the high radiation peak means more intense polymerization, it helps to overcome the oxygen inhibition on the surface.


5. On thin paint coatings, gloss control is not a problem; but on thick paint coatings, generally speaking, the temperature of traditional ultraviolet or infrared lamps will reduce the gloss.


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