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How to choose a good UVLED curing light source for printing curing?

Click:[619] Publish Time:2022-02-19

If the printing industry wants fast curing speed, good curing effect and improved efficiency, it is necessary to choose UVLED curing light source equipment corresponding to UV ink or UV glue. How to choose a good UVLED curing light source for printing curing?


UVLED curing lamp.jpg

1. For UV ink or UV glue curing, the corresponding UVLED curing light source should be selected. It is necessary to know whether the UVLED curing lamp is 365nm or 395nm.


2. Choosing a powerful UVLED curing light source manufacturer can reduce the quality cost and time loss such as failure and maintenance. The service life of UVLED curing lamp is more than 200,000 hours, and the service life is not affected by the number of switches.


3. Choose a UVLED curing lamp manufacturer with quality assurance and after-sales service, and UV lamp manufacturers with strength and quality will naturally provide after-sales service and quality assurance.


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