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Which fields are UVLED curing systems widely used in?

Click:[570] Publish Time:2022-03-03

The research and development and design of products are all to better serve the society. Therefore, when developing products, we must consider the convenience of customers and meet the needs of more scenarios. For the UVLED curing system, the product starts from the improvement of quality, and the fields that can be applied to it also begin to have a wider space.


Because the UVLED curing system does not generate thermal radiation during use, it will not affect the characteristics of the product itself due to the high temperature during the curing process of the product. Therefore, the UVLED curing system can be used in tighter scenes. For example, the assembly of mobile phone components, the curing and adhesion of camera lenses, receivers or microphones. Or it is the head assembly on some hard disks, which can be used to bond chips or coils. Used in the production of semiconductor chips or sensors.


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In the PCB industry, it can also be used in the bonding of various capacitors, plug-ins and screws, or in the protection of chips, in the form of anti-oxidation coatings, and in the fields of wave soldering through-hole masks. In medical devices, UVLED curing systems are used for the links between various parts of endoscopes, adhesions on anesthesia masks or adhesions in various devices such as blood oxygenators and hearing aids.


The UVLED curing system is used in the optical industry, optical communication industry and scientific research industry, because its performance is stable, and it will not affect the characteristics of the product itself during adhesion, which can ensure that the product can be maintained from the beginning to the end of the adhesion. In this state, it is simply satisfied with the effect of adhesion. This is what the UVLED curing system is all about.


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