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Nitrogen filled uvled oven(300*300mm )


Product Name:300*300mm Nitrogen filled uvled oven
Light area:300*300mm
Wavelength: 365nm

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  First, equipment features

  1. equipment with nitrogen mode and non-nitrogen mode curing function, uvled oven non-nitrogen mode: optional automatic or manual mode, automatic mode, by the door sensor control UVLED switch; manual mode, by the touch screen control UVLED switch.

  2. nitrogen mode: after closing the door, click the start button to start filling nitrogen, when the filling time and the air pressure in the inner cavity reaches the set value, the UVLED begins to irradiate and timing, after the irradiation time, automatically turn off the UVLED and open the exhaust valve, to be completed after the exhaust before you can open the uvled oven safety door.

  3、Equipment support nitrogen filling interface, nitrogen filling time and pressure adjustable, real-time detection of air pressure in the cavity and overpressure protection.

  4、Equipment with digital dimming, production counting, historical data query and other functions.

  Second, the light source characteristics

  1、Green environmental protection

  Comply with RoHS, does not contain mercury.

  2. high efficiency and energy saving

  UVLED output band concentration, uvled oven photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving and power saving, fast curing speed, high production efficiency.

  3、Wide range of application

  UVLED is a cold light source, low infrared heat radiation, will not cause thermal stress and deformation of the work, suitable for all kinds of heat-sensitive materials curing.

  4、Long life

  UVLED long life, reduce the investment cost of equipment. That is on and off, no need to preheat, uvled oven switch times do not affect the service life.