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Application of UVLED light source in UV label printing

Click:[1036] Publish Time:2019-11-09

   UV LED curing technology has gained more and more people's attention. This new technology has already impacted 

traditional ultraviolet (UV) curing inks and varnishes, and more and more companies have adopted this technology. 

Conventional UV curing uses various gases to charge the lamp, while UV LEDs are light-emitting diodes that are produced 

by semicon ductors. UV LED light curing technology first appeared at the Drupa 2008 print show for the curing of digital

inkjet inks, as well as for flexographic or other printing processes.

                            uv led curing system.jpg

    A variety of UVLED curing light sources are available for the label industry and are widely used. With the advancement of the 

times and the needs of customers, the printing speed of labels needs to be faster, the label material needs to be thinner, and 

the heat emitted by UV LEDs must be guaranteed not to damage the labels and heat sensitive substrates. Compared with 

traditional UV lamps, UV LEDs have two obvious advantages: The first advantage is that they can be switched on and off, can be 

turned on when needed, and can be turned off when not needed, saving energy loss. And any switch does not affect the life of 

the light source. The second advantage is energy concentration, the utilization of energy is increased, the curing speed is 

increased, and the production efficiency can be improved.