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What are the key points for choosing a UV curing oven?

Click:[811] Publish Time:2021-10-13

The selection of UV curing furnace is as follows:

1.Spectroscopy: At present, the spectra with peak wavelengths of 365nm and 395nm are mainly used for surface curing on the market. What kind of spectrum is required to achieve a complete curing effect? This needs to be determined according to the UV glue or UV ink used. You can also consult the supplier of UV glue or UV ink. In addition, because the wavelength of UVLED is compared with traditional UV lamps, the wavelength of the spectrum is much more single. If you need to achieve a more ideal curing effect, when choosing UV glue and UV ink, ask the supplier whether there is a three-match single-wavelength UVLED light source model.

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2. Light energy: For UVLED light source, UVLED energy (mJ/cm2)=UV light intensity (mW/cm2)*irradiation time (S), precise control of UVLED intensity and irradiation time, so as to control UVLED energy. Irradiation time control, Height-LED UV curing oven has a built-in microprocessor, which can set the irradiation time and various control modes, and it can be used immediately without preheating.

3. Intensity distribution: The UV intensity of the UV curing oven is very uniform, and the UV irradiation intensity is a factor to be considered in product design. Take Height-LED UVLED curing furnace as an example. The output band of UVLED is concentrated, the photoelectric conversion rate is high, energy saving and electricity saving, fast curing speed, and high production efficiency.

4. Safety and temperature: A good UV curing furnace can automatically turn off the light source after setting the control mode to protect the safety of users. Take Height-LED UVLED curing oven as an example, which has an intelligent safety door protection function, and the UVLED will be turned off immediately when the door is opened in any mode.

5. Stability: The instability of the UV light source of the UV curing oven will affect the production efficiency. Height-LED has strict factory testing and rich experience in R&D and design of ultraviolet light source and corresponding supporting equipment, which ensures the stable use of UV light source.

As a professional manufacturer of UV curing equipment, Shenzhen Height-LED has rich curing experience and can customize a suitable UV curing oven according to the customer's process. Friends in need are welcome to consult.