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Which UV curing machine is more suitable for you?

Click:[680] Publish Time:2021-10-09

Assuming that you have just contacted and bought a UV curing machine, before buying a UV curing machine, you may have some questions about the UV curing machine you need. What standard should be used to clarify, which UV curing machine is more suitable for you? It is recommended to consider from the three aspects of production process, production efficiency and curing effect.


1. Production process: When choosing a UV curing machine, you should choose according to the difficult problems that appear in your current production process. For example, TP is suitable for processing technology, so it is necessary to use UV curing machine for pre-curing or primary curing, which is for side curing or noodle curing. After clarifying the curing process and the target size of the overall curing, the main parameters of the super glue, then proceed to the selection of the UV curing machine.


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2. Production efficiency: This is also an important index value for choosing a UV curing machine, because the production efficiency of the UV curing machine determines its key parameter-the kinetic energy of the radiation source. If a higher production efficiency is established, the greater the light intensity of the radiation source required. For example, 2000 mJ of UV kinetic energy is required to cure the super glue during the processing. The direct exposure time of the UV curing machine should be within 5S, then the radiation intensity of the radiation source of the UV curing machine you choose should be higher than or equal to 2000mJ ÷5s=400mW/c㎡. Of course, before that, you have to master which ultraviolet light wavelength is used in the production process of UV strengthened glue or UV printing ink. The basic UV curing machine has different wavelengths, such as 365 nm, 395 nm, and 405 nm. . In addition, there is also the kinetic energy of the ultraviolet radiation source required for the complete curing of the super glue or printing ink, whether it is mJ or J. For this, please consult your UV super glue or printing ink dealer.


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3. Curing effect: The main parameters marked by many UV curing machine manufacturers are very different, and you don't know much about UV curing machines. You have to see the inspection effect for details. You can bring your super glue or printing ink and samples to Shenzhen Hetnaide for on-site testing.


As a professional manufacturer of UV curing equipment, Shenzhen Height-LED has rich curing experience and can customize a suitable UV curing machine according to the customer's process. Friends in need are welcome to consult.