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The main application direction of UVLED curing oven

Click:[748] Publish Time:2022-02-08

UVLED curing oven refers to curing equipment that achieves curing standards by irradiating UV ink, UV glue, UV coating, etc. with LED ultraviolet rays. The use of UVLED curing oven for instant surface hardening is a high-tech development direction that has developed rapidly in recent years. Its unique radiation characteristics and excellent performance have attracted the attention of the scientific and industrial circles.


UVLED curing oven is often used for UV glue curing, and offset printing of various non-penetrating substrates, such as UV ink, UV varnish, etc.


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Main application direction


1. UVLED curing oven is widely used in electronic equipment, optical fiber, liquid crystal, screen printing, packaging and other fields.


2. UVLED curing oven can cure adhesives for small plastic electronic hardware, UV glue, optical adhesives, electronic components, precision parts, liquid crystal displays, micro motors, glass edge UV curing, etc.


3. UVLED curing oven can be used for double-sided or double-sided printed UV curing devices (printed circuit boards, etc.).


4. For plastic buttons, metal signs, PE plastic shell UV oil, UV glue drying and curing, ceramic capacitor production lines, small electronic components marking and hardening equipment.


5. Laboratory applications, usually many scientific research institutes, laboratories, etc. require UVLED curing ovens.


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