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Height-LED tells you what is UVLED cold light source

Click:[610] Publish Time:2022-02-10

Cold light sources refer to light sources that are excited by chemical energy, electrical energy, and biological energy. It has very good optical and flickering properties. When it emits light, the temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature, so it is called a cold light source.


Is UVLED a cold light source? UVLED is the use of electron-hole pair composite light emission, which is a typical cold light source light-emitting mode, so UVLED is a cold light source. However, the light emitted by UVLED does not mean that it is cold. The cold light source is understood from a scientific point of view, that is, it emits light without generating infrared wavelengths, because infrared wavelengths will cause the molecular structure of the irradiated object to increase in energy, thus making The temperature of the irradiated object rises. Based on this, the ultraviolet wavelength generated by UVLED is relatively single and does not generate infrared waves.


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Some people also say why the light temperature of UVLED is very high, which is actually related to the ultraviolet light emitted by UVLED. Ultraviolet light belongs to short-wave invisible light, and the energy of the light source is relatively high, so the temperature of the irradiated object rises faster.


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