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Do you know the curing principle and advantages of UV ink? Height-LED takes you to know

Click:[1146] Publish Time:2022-06-08

At present, the application of UV ink in the printing industry is more and more extensive, and the curing of UV ink requires the use of a UVLED curing machine. It can be said that the combination of UVLED curing machine and UV ink has promoted the development of the printing industry. At present, some printing customers choose to use UV mercury lamps to cure UV inks, but from the perspective of curing effect, environmental protection, energy consumption, etc., UVLED curing machines in the future printing industry will gradually replace UV mercury lamps and become the mainstream curing method.

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UV ink is popular in the printing industry mainly because it has the following advantages:

UV ink does not contain volatile organic compounds: most UV products contain little or no organic solvent, there will be no solvent erosion and damage to the printed matter, and will not pollute the human body and the environment. Suitable for non-paper substrates: It can be printed on ordinary substrates, and can also be printed on non-absorbent materials such as film, synthetic paper, metal or plastic. Suitable for immediate post-printing: cures rapidly after exposure to UV light.

Less ink consumption: Because UV ink does not contain solvent, only 1/3 to 1/2 of the traditional ink consumption can obtain the expected effect. Strong color matching ability: By adjusting the viscosity, hue and lightness of the ink, a variety of colors can be prepared. As long as two or more basic colors are mixed, a variety of desired colors can be obtained. The opacity is easy to control: pigments or pigments can be added according to standard proportions in the extension base to achieve the desired lightness. UV ink can be processed with special effects such as ice, refraction, frosting, and wrinkles under certain printing conditions.

As a manufacturer of UVLED curing equipment, Shenzhen Height-LED is committed to providing customers with a complete set of curing solutions. The products have standard products and can also customize products according to customer needs. If you have UVLED curing requirements, you can contact online customer service, or call for consultation and exchange.