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What are the main applications of UVLED curing ovens

Click:[925] Publish Time:2022-12-23

What are the main applications of UVLED curing ovens

  UV curing ovens in LCD, electronics, PCB, plastic, footwear, wood, printing, glass, crafts varnishing, painting and other fields have been widely used, many UVLED curing oven manufacturers will replace the original UV mercury lamp production line for UVLED curing oven production line. Today, Hite Ned Editor today to share with you, UVLED curing oven what are the main applications?

  1, printing. 

  Screen printing, offset printing mostly used, like CD-ROM, U disk and so on, with UV protective adhesive, when the CD-ROM printing, will also use UV ink for UV screen printing, also need to use UVLED cold light source curing equipment. 

  2, spraying aspects. 

  General mobile phone case spraying, cosmetic shells, MP3 small household appliance shells and other plastic spraying companies mostly used, mobile phone shell spraying and UV printing on the need to use UVLED curing oven. 

  3, the wood industry. 

  The wood industry will use UVLED curing equipment to cure the wood surface coating, because UV coatings (varnish, etc.) better performance in all aspects: such as acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, etc., after the UV coating, can make wood flooring and other surface glossy gorgeous feeling, wood painting, most of the use of larger power UVLED curing oven.