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What are the reasons for UV glue curing not drying

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  What are the reasons for UV glue curing not drying

  First, the irradiation time: UV coatings are different, the ingredients contained in them have a large difference, curing rate is too fast, the board surface UV coating sticky or the exterior dry but not dry; operating speed is relatively slow, the board exterior will be brittle. Technical expertise is needed to measure and test the appropriate irradiation time. Moderate adjustment of machinery and equipment curing rate. 

  Second, the curing distance: UV light source and plate surface distance is generally adjusted in the middle of 5-12mm, the actual effect is better. Distance closer, the plate exterior temperature rise faster, very easy to cause the surface of the raw materials in heat destruction; distance too far, accept to the leduv light source kinetic energy weak, the plate surface curing not dry. 

  Third, the size of the light source energy: UV material curing must absorb sufficient amount of UV light kinetic energy, so that the material inside the glue convergence, thermal polymerization, chemical cross-linking and other chemical changes, to achieve the actual effect of curing; if UVLED light source irradiation, kinetic energy irradiation is not enough, it is easy to cause UV consumables can not be completely cured. 

  Fourth, the impact of the working environment: UV curing will also be affected by the environment, some UV coatings in different ambient temperatures, its internal viscosity changes greatly, should adjust the working temperature, can be adjusted in the middle of 18-26 ℃ is more suitable, at the same time to pay attention to the UV light source in the use, avoid direct sunlight. 

  Five, UV coating cover thickness: UV coating thickness on the UV curing machine curing role has a greater impact, architectural coatings are thin, very easy to cause the equipment appearance of poor colour; architectural coatings thick, the required irradiation time elongated, affecting the curing efficiency, at the same time will lead to the commodity appearance temperature rise too high, so that the surface of the equipment deformation.

  The above is explained is the Hite Ned small collection of knowledge about the reasons for UVLED glue curing does not dry, hope to see can help you.