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What is the best UV LED curing oven?

Click:[1319] Publish Time:2023-10-10

  Height-led UV equipment with intelligent safety door protection, any mode of opening the door immediately shut down the UV LED. UV LED curing oven provides automatic mode and manual mode optional, automatic mode, the equipment according to your set irradiation time for curing, countdown automatically shut down the UV LED. manual mode, the equipment needs to manually turn on the UV LED and real-time recording of the curing time. Curing time. In addition, uvled curing oven also has digital dimming, production counting, historical data query and other functions.

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  Height-led imported light source, UV LED output band concentration, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving and power saving, fast curing speed, high productivity.UV LED for cold light source, will not cause thermal stress and deformation of the work, suitable for all kinds of heat-sensitive materials curing.UV LED long service life, reduce the investment cost of equipment. And the light source is on and off, no need to warm up, the number of switch does not affect the service life. Comply with RoHS, no mercury, green environmental protection.

  Since its establishment in 2011. Height-led has been focusing on the field of uvled curing.Height-led promises factory direct sales, patented products, leading technology, excellent materials, stable performance, long-lasting durability, support for customisation, worry-free after-sales, and endeavours to achieve a win-win situation with our customers, so as to become a globally acclaimed supplier of uvled curing solutions and automation equipments!