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uvled spot curing system testimonials

Click:[643] Publish Time:2023-10-19

  Testimonials Height-led uvled spot curing system HTCD-4II,Welcome to read.

  uvled spot curing system Support external IO signal control, standard RS232 communication protocol remote reading and writing parameters and switching machines, etc., can realize overall and individual control, efficient and convenient. Point light source equipment supports automatic mode, manual mode, step mode, etc., to meet the user's diversified, diverse and personalized needs. For example, in automatic mode, the equipment will be uv curing according to your set time, and automatically shut down after countdown. Manual mode requires manual click on the panel start button. Step mode supports 20 steps of irradiation, and the time and irradiation power of each step can be set independently. In addition, the equipment also has digital dimming, history of irradiation time query and other functions, to bring convenience to the user, to protect the product yield.

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  uvled spot curing system The use of imported lamp beads, the output band is concentrated, high photoelectric conversion rate, not only fast curing speed but also energy saving and power saving. u cold light source low infrared heat radiation, suitable for all kinds of heat-sensitive materials curing. And uvled light source long service life, that is, on and off, no need to warm up, the number of switches does not affect the service life, can help users to reduce the cost of investment in the later stage. The light source conforms to RoHS, does not contain mercury, green environmental protection, effectively protect the safety of life and property.

  Height-led uvled spot curing system Factory direct sales, patented products, leading technology, excellent material, stable performance, long-lasting durability, support for customization, worry-free after-sales. Since its founding in 2011. Hitechnade has focused on the field of uvled dispensing curing, providing efficient solutions for thousands of customers at home and abroad. We are committed to becoming a world-renowned supplier of uvled curing solutions and automation equipment, and strive to achieve a win-win situation with customers.