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Advantages of UVLED spot light source over traditional UV lamp

Click:[1006] Publish Time:2019-10-09

     At present, the application form of UVLED are spot light soource,line light source and surface light source. 

It is the same from the principle of light emission. UVLED point light source is generally a UVLED lamp bead 

(in most cases, single core, also has multiple chips). Forming a point, called a point source, has the following 

advantages over conventional UV lamps.

1, long life, life expectancy of up to 20,000 hours, and the number of switching does not affect the life;

2, cold light source, no heat radiation, the temperature of the surface of the illuminated article is low, 

   to solve the optical communication. The long-term thermal damage problem in liquid crystal production. 

   Particularly suitable for liquid crystal edge sealing, film printing and so on. The heat is small and 

   the damage to the staff is small;

3, instant lighting, no need to preheat, that is, open and close, and immediately reach the maximum power output;

4, high energy, stable light output, uniform illumination effect, can improve production efficiency;

5, can customize the effective irradiation area, and effectively use energy;

6, free of mercury, no harmful substances, safer and more environmentally friendly;

7. Low energy consumption and cost saving;

8, small, easy to install and move.

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