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The application characteristics of UVLED spot system

Click:[1048] Publish Time:2019-10-10

    UVLED spot system is widely used, uvled spot light source consumes less energy,it 

contains no mercury, no ozone, is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, 

which makes UV light curing faster, more efficient, greener, safer and more environmentally 

friendly.The application characteristics of the UVLED point source have the following aspects.

1, fixed power, step power, perfect embodiment;

2, the interface parameter settings are locked to prevent mis-pressing and causing defects;

3, direct COM, convenient peripheral communication;

4, I O signal, with PLC automated production process;

5, universal design, liquid crystal display, intuitive operation;

6, the illumination power time countdown digital display, intuitive and convenient to 

   understand the irradiation process;

7, foot control, manual automatic, easy to control;

8. Easily query the channel UV irradiation process during the irradiation process;

9, automatic retrieval, more error alarm prompts.

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