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The impact of UVLED light curing technology on the printing industry

Click:[914] Publish Time:2019-10-12

  In short,technology uses a UVLED curing device that emits pure ultraviolet light to illuminate the coating or object to be

cured to achieve curing and deep curing in a very short time, thereby improving production efficiency and quality. UVLED light curing

machine is popular,because of its high efficiency and energy saving. At present, it is mainly cured by coatings such as UV glue, 

UVLED ink and varnish.

  The birth of UVLED light curing technology has revolutionized the printing industry. Because the previous printing ink curing, 

basically using UV mercury lamp curing, the curing effect is ok, but the mercury lamp itself has many problems that have been plaguing 

the manufacturer, such as the following:

1.Curing speed is slower;

2.High energy consumption, the energy consumption of UVLED curing machine is only 20% of mercury lamp;

3.The service life is short, and the lamp needs to be replaced after a period of use, and the loss is large;

4.Mercury lamp illumination is not pure ultraviolet light, so the irradiation temperature will be too high for a long time, and it is 

   not suitable for curing ink on heat sensitive materials (such as film, plastic, etc.)


       Because mercury lamps have the above problems, UVLED light curing machines are highly sought after, and their high efficiency and 

energy saving features promote high-speed curing development in the printing industry, improve production efficiency and quality; and 

UVLED curing machines have long service life and stability. Good sex and low energy consumption, which is quite cost-effective for customers.

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