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The working principle and precautions of UV automatic dispenser

Click:[978] Publish Time:2019-10-11

    The UV dispenser mainly includes a compressed air source, a main compressed air line, a pair of compressed air lines,

a glue gun and a timing controller. The main compressed air line is provided with a pressure regulating valve, a pressure 

gauge and a three-way valve in turn, and one end is connected to the compressed air source and the other end is connected 

to the hose. The auxiliary compressed air line connected to the compressed air source is provided with an air regulating 

valve and a branch pipe in sequence, and communicates with the atmosphere, so that the pressure in the branch pipe is 

negative. In addition, the piston type glue gun is pressed by the air pressure and the precise control of the timing controller, 

so that the glue is squeezed out from the needle, and the negative pressure exerts a sucking effect on the glue, so that 

the glue gun does not have a residual drop phenomenon. The compressed air is sent to the plastic bottle (syringe), 

and the glue is pressed into the feeding tube connected to the piston chamber. When the piston is in the upper stroke, 

the piston chamber is filled with glue, and when the piston pushes the dispensing needle downward, the glue is from the 

rubber The needle is pressed out. The amount of glue that is dripped is determined by the distance under the piston and 

can be adjusted manually or in software. The precautions for operating the uv automatic dispenser are as follows:

1. Avoid foreign objects falling into the machine;

2. Please confirm whether the grounding line is completed.

3. If it is necessary to replace the workpiece or material, the machine must be stopped before operation to ensure safety;

4. Be sure to turn off the power when replacing the workpiece fixture or repairing the machine;

5, in order to ensure safety, it is forbidden to contact the running machinery with physical contact;

6. The working voltage of the automatic dispenser is full voltage. Please make sure that the correct input voltage is 

   AC110~220V before using it.

7. When the machine is powered off, the external handheld programmer is disabled (plugging the programmer when the machine 

   is powered can damage the programmer).

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