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UV LED curing furnace main application direction

Click:[1356] Publish Time:2019-12-10

       UVLED curing oven refers to a UV curing equipment that UV curing ink, UV glue, UV paint reaches the curing 

standard by LED ultraviolet radiation. With the development of uvled curing technology, the progress and maturity 

of configuration, UVLED curing furnaces have also gradually developed, and are increasingly loved by the market and 

users. The main application directions of UVLED curing furnace are as follows.

                          uv led curing box.jpg

1. Printing:

   Screen printing, flexo printing, offset printing, and 5-color printing mostly use uvled curing ovens, such as 

optical discs, etc., using UV protective glue, when printing optical discs, UV silk is also used For screen printing,

UVLED cold light source curing equipment is needed.

2. Spraying:

   We know that many supplies in our daily life require spray technology. Such as mobile phone shells, MP3, cosmetic 

shells, small household appliance shells, etc., these plastic spraying manufacturers mostly use UVLED curing ovens.

3. PCB, LCD industry:

   PCB circuit board is an important electronic component. In order to prevent the components on the PCB from sticking, 

UV glue is used for crystal oscillator coating, and UVLED curing oven is a good choice for curing UV glue.

                      uv led curiing box.jpg

4. Research test:

   Portable UV curing experimental equipment, field experiments, small-scale experiments, field maintenance, test 

hardening benchtops and small UV curing experimental equipment. Usually many scientific research institutes, laboratories, 

etc. need uvled curing furnace.